Light Pilot Service


This service will be performed for a fee of $20.00 which will only be honored during the Light-Up Program from the 1st Wednesday in September until the 1st Wednesday in October.

We will continue to light pilots after the 1st Wednesday in October, however, there will be a $40.00 service charge after that date. If more than one request is made to light your pilot, you will be billed a $40.00 service call.

Should your pilot call result in service work, we will schedule another appointment to come back and make any necessary repairs.

Our Mission

Our first priority at JCCUD is you, our customer and your safety.  We continue our mission to provide each of you with the highest possible quality of product and service.

Appointments to light your pilot will be scheduled as follows:


Monday:  AM (Cosby) PM (Hartford and Del Rio)

Wednesday:  AM (White Pine, Parrottsville and Bybee)

PM (Newport and Chestnut Hill)

Jefferson City:

Monday & Wednesday:  AM (Dandridge) PM (Jefferson City, Talbott and New Market)